Daval Furniture Ltd

Location: Daval House, Spa Fields Industrial Estate, New Street, Slaithwaite, HD7 5BB
Phone: 01484 848500
Email: enquiries@daval-furniture.co.uk
Website: http://www.daval-furniture.co.uk

We believe in creating a made-to-measure environment that’s as unique as you are, making your home a reflection of your personality. A statement of who you are, and what you believe in.

Founded in 1978 Daval remains quintessentially, a British family business with a passion and heritage in the design and manufacture of fitted furniture.

Designed and manufactured in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire by our specialist craftspeople in our 100,000 sq ft facility, each piece of furniture we produce is functional, attractive and makes an enviable statement in any home, blending seamlessly into your living space.

In 2007 we developed Option-i, a market leading production technology which allows us to produce made to order, made to measure kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. This technology means you can have your furniture your way, thanks to our uncompromising approach to quality, style and attention to every last detail.

In order to guarantee we’re constantly providing you with the very best kitchens, bedrooms and en-suites we regularly review the latest trends from around the world. And we don’t restrict our research to furniture and interiors: we look at fashion, technology and textiles as well, implementing all these trends into our made-to-measure designs through colours, fixtures and fittings.