Highlander Computing Solutions

Location: Unit 7, Shepcote Office Village, 333 Shepcote Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 1TG
Phone: 0114 292 3800
Email: business@highlanderuk.com
Website: https://highlanderuk.com/

For over 20 years, Highlander has provided end-to-end IT services and solutions to organisations throughout the UK and beyond. We firmly believe we can inspire change for the better and keep IT the way it should be; uncomplicated. We help ensure technology never stands in your way, but instead becomes an enabler for smarter, more efficient working that supports the goals of your business. Finally, we’re proud of our Yorkshire roots – fairness, value for money, and dogged determination shapes an exceptional customer experience.

What we do

Infrastructure: Through solutions for server, storage, network, and converged infrastructure, we help you lay the foundations of your IT by creating core infrastructure that lives up to the ambitions of your business. We make this scalable, secure, and as simple as possible so it’s ready to match your pace and primed to help you transform. By introducing next-generation technologies, we bring the future to you, modernising your environment and unburdening your team.

Workspace: We give your people the freedom to work how, where, and whenever they want. Welcome to the office of the future.

Protection: With IT always comes risk, and the growing number of cyber threats both inside and outside your business means protection needs careful consideration. The unexpected can strike at any time, so you need to know that your data is secure, your people are protected, and your business is ready for anything. We create comprehensive security and continuity solutions that keep all your critical assets safe and ensure that you’re always prepared for the worst.

Cloud: We help you capture the many opportunities that cloud makes possible, and craft an ideal solution that’s unique to your business.

ERP: We think cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software is the way forward for managing your business processes. It’s transformed how we run our business.

Services: We offer all of the advice, design, delivery, and support necessary for a successful IT solution. Exceptional service from experienced experts.