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A business loan platform that allows peer to peer lending with savers who become lenders to small business is a peer-to-business lending platform that connects creditworthy UK businesses looking for a loan with individuals prepared to lend their own money for returns that outstrip retail savings products.

The peer-to-business lending market is one section of the crowdfunding movement and is sometimes described as ‘crowdlending’ or incorporated into peer-to-peer lending.

The chief architect of the rebuild is Daniel Rajkumar. He felt the market could offer a lot more than just finance and believes the future of business funding will exist through a range of channels currently viewed as alternative, such as peer-to-business lending. will continue to place emphasis on the added value offered by peer-to-business lending, which stems from the belief that lenders have a vested interest in seeing their borrowers succeed.

We’re also a firm believer in the founding principles of building societies and have applied some of it to our philosophy. Read more about the origins of