Case Studies

The Company: 

Fun Training For Results

The Member: 

Sally Roberts

The Issues: 



Adrian Holmes

Mentoring advice given:

Adrian took time to look at the website and my profile ahead of the mentoring session. He flagged basics that had been omitted as well as happily shared stories, wisdom and on point advice.  it felt like Adrian was sincerely interested in supporting my business to reach new goals, to grow within the set constraints of time and resource. Sharing practical tips, i.e. look at how others have achieved, note what they do, is louder when delivered by an EIR who has the T Shirt.

What was the best piece of advice you were given?:

Share content

What did you do when you returned back to your business?:

Noted and followed up on advice received

What changes have you made since the mentoring session?:

Created video content, updated web and invested in web support.

What have been the benefits to your business of this mentoring session?:

Meeting Adrian was like being rebooted! His down to earth approach with extraordinary wisdom made his feedback and suggestions relevant and welcome.