Anna Assassa (formerly Brooks)

Venturing into the world of CRM software development and implementation at the age of 23, Anna has always found enjoyment in getting hands-on and tackling tech sector challenges. Always eager to learn, she fast developed her knowledge, this led to Anna stepping into roles at several multinational companies.

However, it wasn’t long before Anna took the leap into entrepreneurship, building her first tech company from the ground up at the age of just 26. Selling this business on after eight successful years, Anna took up a tenure at Capita, where she gained exposure to Management Information Systems (MIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The skills she acquired there led Anna to found Tisski in 2011.

Anna, passionate about technology and fostering a positive working environment in equal measures, reflects on her inspiration for launching her own company once again:

“I love seeing how technology can improve people’s lives and organisational performance, but I also wanted to prove that it’s possible to create a successful company without treating people poorly. One of my greatest passions is to provide employees with a positive working environment.”

Describing Tisski as innovative, personable and supportive, the company’s core values – empowering employees, promoting a commitment to excellence in the IT sector and nurturing a culture of unity and kindness – are something Anna holds close to heart.

She also names her greatest achievement to date as working with Tisski clients to create tech solutions in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Our values mean everything to me and I wouldn’t consider us successful if we compromised those values,” Anna explains. “You have to live by them, even when times are difficult – especially when times are difficult.”