Rana Harvey

Rana graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and pursued her career in food safety as an Analytical Chemist for Government Agency DEFRA. However, a strong interest and passion for business lead Rana to leave her scientific career and launch her own company in 2007. Starting her first company, Dazzling Dummies, from her spare bedroom, today Rana is the Managing Director of a multi million pound retail business ‘Monster Group’ with turnover reaching £20M in 2021.

Having its head office located in York, UK distribution centre in North Lincolnshire and European distribution centre in the Netherlands, Monster Group has seen exponential growth and now distributes its products globally. With manufacturing partners overseas, Monster Group supplies a diversified portfolio of self-branded products including PixMax, T-Mech and Monster Racking.

Whilst experiencing a fast track growth, Monster Group’s mission is to become one of Europe’s largest online retailers.