Richard Sykes

Richard went to Barnsley Comprehensive school followed by Barnsley Technical College and Sheffield Hallam University before joining King Sturge to become a Chartered Surveyor. Richard left King several years later with the funding and support from one of his clients and set up his own property company West Park Group; after suffering a big hit in 2009 Richard diversified the business into pubs, window cleaning and translation services. He formed West Park Inns which grew to 8 venues over 10 years.  Then his mother Valeria Sykes asked Richard to join her in a business proposition . In 2015 they bought what is now Grantley Hall which was a rundown stately home.

It took 4 years to develop it into what is now a top class 5 star hotel which was 100% funded by Valeria. It was opened in July 2019 and got off to a great start bearing in mind it had no reputation. For 12 months before opening Richard employed a marketing team at an office in Thirsk 85% of whom live within an hour of Grantley. Then Lockdown, Grantley Hall closed but kept 60 people employed-Govt support helped. Opened asap created loyalty and an opportunity to quickly restructure staff, Grantley grew the marketing team and increased prices and upped the quality.

Grantley now employs 380 staff many of which live on site or in Company owned properties. With a turnover in excess of £20m the Grantley Hall brand continues to provide the very best in luxury hospitality and has attracted in excess of 40 National Awards. Grantley’s vision is to put Yorkshire on the map and none can doubt what has been achieved…..