Terry Donovan

Terry Donovan has a BSc in Engineering, a Certificate of Education, an FCA while being trained by PwC and later obtained an MBA from Bradford School of Management. A successful business manager, who operates with the functions of sales and marketing, manufacturing, finance, procurement and inventory management. In 1993 he led a Venture Capital backed MBI that grew from £13m to £45+m and was successfully sold in early 2001 with an excellent return for the VC. His experience covers sales growth from startup to £20m, £13m to £45+m and £80m to £130m, the recovery of loss making companies to profitability and International operations in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australasia All these involved working closely with the organisation’s existing management, helping them to focus on the key essentials to improve sales margins, cost management and the creation of a positive team spirit resulting in cash generative businesses