Tony Bramall

Tony Bramall began his motor trade career at his Father’s business C.D.Bramall ltd, having previously qualified as a chartered accountant. The business went public in 1978 and was subsequently sold to Avis plc on 1988. In  1990 he acquired a controlling stake in Sanderson Murray and Elder plc  a textile business based in Bradford, with the intention of converting the company into a motor trade and related business group. The textile interests were dispose of in 2002/2003.  From 1990-2003 he took the turnover and profit from £22.6m sales and £800k profit to £1.86bn sales and £30.7m profit, selling the business in 2003 to Pendragon. He then started his third motor trade business, parts of which were sold to Lookers plc where he serves as a non executive director and shareholder. His most recent venture, Bramall Properties Limited, is responsible for several substantial commercial and residential developments, has a significant property portfolio and provides funding for other property developments.