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We had a great talk from our Partner Sally Roberts of Fun Training for Results last week (28.06.2023) which was very well attended. I made a few notes which I will try to summarise and Sally sent me a few key points.


Understand that your target customer’s brain, as it can respond positively or negatively dependant on the words you use. 

Learning magic words that your targets are happy with is a good idea and until learned and practiced, you could be baffled.

Knowing to avoid first person on email or in conversation, parking ‘I, we, company name’ and make communication all about your customers.

A recap on avoiding NO, ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t’ to be replaced with ‘leave it with me’,  ‘unable’ or ‘let me try’ – shows care and a desire to delight. It also keeps your customers’ brain happy avoiding combat or fight.

13 Magic words/phrases:

  1. I’m not sure its for you, but …
  2. Open minded – ‘How open minded are you’
  3. Just imagine – how to grow your business by 25% pa
  4. I’m guessing you haven’t got around to….
  5. Two types of people 
  6. I bet you’re like me .. 
  7. If … then … – very powerful words. ‘If you do x, then x will happen’
  8. Don’t worry, 
  9. Most people
  10. The good news is
  11. Enough – then upsell. ‘Will x be enough?’
  12. Just one more thing …
  13. A favour – many words so little time. Most people like to be helpful and will do what you ask.


Nick Butler