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At the end of September we ran a Panel event for the Partners (sponsors) of Huddersfield Town Association Football Club (HTAFC) with three of our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs), Sir Anthony Ullmann, Emma Dutton and Jeremy Shulman. The Panel  answered questions from Sean Jarvis the Commercial Director of HTAFC.

The Lessons

A lot of ground was covered but I am just going to summarise the answers to the final question put by Sean to the 3 EIRs:

What are the most important lessons you have you learnt from your many years in business?

Emma Dutton

Before you try selling overseas, go and visit the place, meet potential customers/suppliers/distributors/agents and familiarise yourself with the culture as it could impact your business massively.

Jeremy Schulman

Prepare a business plan yourself and review it constantly. There are always new developments that are going to affect your business and you should alter/tweak your business plan.

Sir Anthony Ullmann

Recruit as good people as you can afford even if they are cleverer and “better” than you.

And a repeat of a message from a Masterclass that Sir Anthony did for us earlier this year, if you own a business you MUST be out there selling it.


And connected to that, you must have inner belief that your business is great.

Hard work and passion is everything


Nick Butler

04/10 18