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Simon Biltcliffe is one of our most amazing Entrepreneurs in Residence. He describes himself as a marxist capitalist. Simon is from Barnsley and was the speaker at our Masterclass in Sheffield last week.

Welcome to Marxist Capitalism

There is a lot about his philosophy that is more than the money but I thought I would start with that. Webmart is the company he founded in 1996 and turns over £24m. Their website says “find out how we help you save on your marketing spend then re-invest the savings to drive better ROI”, and who says they deliver “unique marketing solutions through print, technology and people”.

Of the annual profit, the first £400k is invested in the business, the next £600k is shared 50% to Simon and 50% to the rest of the team and the profit above £1m goes 100% to the team. So that is marxist capitalism in action.

More thoughts from Simon

Use Capitalism to create profits and adopt Marxist principles to share the surplus.

Share the surplus profits fairly amongst the workers who created it.

Business Leaders

We have a choice how we act as business leaders,

Run your own business in line with your own ethics and beliefs.

Society can be fairer using marxist capitalist principles. As business leaders, we must make work more rewarding and interesting for all, and much more sustainable.


I have only mentioned a few of the many many points Simon made. We would happily share Simon’s PP with you. If you would like a copy please contact Martin Slathia.


Nick Butler