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Thanks to our Partner BigChange and Martin Port its owner and a Connect Yorkshire Entrepreneur in Residence, we are running a series of Roundtables. This one was held in their new offices in 3150 Thorpe Park and was called ‘Best Practice in Customer Service’.

The participants in the Roundtable were:

Keeping your Customers happy

The session went on for nearly 2 hours and those taking part took a lot away. A few of those points were:

Make sure the directors of your company are easy to get to, both for staff and customers.

Deal with any complaints quickly and honestly, accept that you are wrong or could have done better, if you are. Don’t shuffle the customer around, deal with it yourself there and then.

The same person who recruited the customer should continue to have a relationship with them. Its best to have a variety of contacts at the customer in case “your man” leaves.

At BigChange any complaint/failure to meet the SLA gets a red flag and is discussed every evening at the end of work by the red flag team.

At Adept, every member of staff has been on a sales training course and everyone interacts with customers. Another company had sent everyone on a customer service training course.

One company calls its customers every 6-8 weeks. Another has an independent company do a 1 to 1 survey of its customers which gets more honest and forthright answers. And another gathers a few customers together-probably over lunch- for a frank talk about the service they provide.

Managing expectations is key. Make sure your customer knows what they are getting, and what they are not getting at all stages of the contract


Nick Butler