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Sir Anthony Ullmann inspired our members at our Masterclass yesterday with the story of Autofil from creation to sale. There were ups and downs but there were a few important take home points he made if you want to build a successful business.


Customers, Customers, Customers, Customers….

Anthony used one example to demonstrate that customers must be the beginning, middle and end of your business. When he and his business partner met through a previous business association, started their business, bought their first yarn texturising machine, they were desperate to get their first order. They approached a German customer of their former employer who said he would try a sample. Anxiously they waited for the results of the test.

The German company liked the product and ordered 5 tonnes!!! They worked the machine 24 hrs per day for 10 days and made it. They then loaded the 5 tonnes on a wagon and followed it in their car all the way to the German factory. Their customer was amazed to see them, they put the yarn to work and the first products were great. The rest is history.


Work life balance

For Sir Anthony, work came first every time despite his growing family.  And he believes that this is a necessity of building a successful company.

Everyone is different and there are examples of people with successful businesses that work 9-5, but not many! Most people have to work incredibly hard to succeed.



Customers and work come first every time.


Nick Butler