Bob’s Business Ltd

Location: Digital Media Centre, County Way, Barnsley, S70 2JW
Phone: 0330 058 3009

At Bob’s Business, we pride ourselves on making real, measurable cultural change around cybersecurity a reality for organisations of all sizes. Why? Because 90% of all breaches occur as a result of human error.

Whether it’s our flagship product Bob’s Culture, our SME-focussed Bob’s Compliance or our simulated phishing service, Bob’s Phishing, Bob’s Business delivers the same consistently engaging, unique and psychologically-informed training experience.

Designed to be cost-effective and scalable for organisations across the pubic and private sectors, Bob’s Business’ products have helped bring awareness training to hundreds of thousands of employees, reducing their risk of breach by up to 74%.

But what makes Bob’s Business unique?

Entertaining and engaging training

The fastest way to lose the attention of your team is to subject them to dry, overly long and needlessly technical training.

Bob’s Business modules are built to be clear, concise and humorous throughout, making cybersecurity and compliance captivating. It’s the secret behind our engagement rates of up to 94%.

Reinforced learning

Did you know that roughly 90% of what we learn is forgotten within just one week? To truly reduce risk or achieve compliance, that’s simply not acceptable.

That’s why Bob’s Business reinforces every module with an up-to 18-point Reinforcement Pack, loaded with learning resources designed to create natural behavioural change.

Provable ROI

Training should never feel like throwing money into a well and hoping for a wish. That’s why we created the Phishing Baseline and the Human Vulnerability Assessment, two solutions designed to make demonstrating improvement and ROI simple.