ISO 9001 Support Centre

Location: Thornbank Offices, Mountenoy Road, 38 Moorgate, Rotherham, S60 2AG
Phone: Office: 01709 301303 - Mobile: 07732 300686

If you despair at all the wasted time and effort at work; the high turnover of staff and the risk to your reputation and finances then you will be pleased to hear that all this can be averted by adopting the principles contained in an ISO standard.

They are a framework within which a business should operate and cover quality, environment, health and safety and many more. Owner Pete Thornton-Smith is also qualified for aerospace AS9100D

Now, despite the obvious benefits, you may be too busy, not knowledgeable enough or just find the whole process irksome. However the 9001 Support Centre can lighten the load whether it is for an installation, maintenance, resurrection or transition. He has run systems himself and knows exactly what it is like for you – the issues and frustrations, the lack of support and little reward for all your efforts.

You’ll find Pete an inspirational ISO specialist with an infectious desire to get the job done right as the following testify:

“Listen to the man. He knows what he is talking about. He will not bamboozle you with jargon. Tells it as it is. Great Quality Man.” Mel Lockett, former MCCR Owner.

“I can easily say he is my ‘go to’ man for quality. He sees the big picture, but knows how to do the detail.” Peter Cruikshanks, Outside In Management