Total Leader Ltd

Location: 3 Greengate, Cardale Park, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG3 1GY
Phone: 01423 619049

Our truly disruptive technology saves time, money and enables growing, adventurous, forward thinking companies to break free of the shackles of traditional recruitment and training methods and build teams based on cultural fit and skillset.

Total Leader Ltd offer a strategic service, working on pre-recruitment Job-fit and Team-fit assessments for recruiting, team building and retention. All our assessments are measured to a library benchmark, or a bespoke benchmark, and it is this that really spells out how a candidate will perform in the position you wish to fill, or the position they already hold.

By assessing skills, numeracy, attitude and aptitude and then applying a bespoke benchmark built from your job description, cloned from an existing high performer, or borrowed from our library built from 20 years experience and 10 million assessments performed, our process shows the strengths of the team member.

Importantly we can pinpoint areas that they may need training, then support and manage them to become the Total Person. Our world renowned leadership, personal development and productivity reinforcement training can then be applied to ensure every team member becomes the ‘Total Person’.

With a focus on Total Person Development with full engagement your team should expect to experience significant improvements in their work life balance, mindfulness and wellbeing.