Case Studies

The Company.

AFP Digital founded by Ryan Pharo in 2008 has 3 businesses- AFP sells and services photocopiers, AFP Office Supplies sells office supplies and AFP Legal scans legal documents of which the biggest is the photocopies business, Total sales in 2019 werre approx £4.5m.

The Issues.

How best to buy and sell businesses including how to fund acquisitions and how to get a business ready for sale.


Ryan chose David Grey OBE mainly because David has done multiple acquisitions and disposals of businesses and Ryan had seen David speak at our Masterclasses.

1 to 1 mentoring advice given

Use the business to help fund the purchase. For example if you use invoice finance. you might only need to fund 50% of the purchase price.

Many other issues were discussed.

Changes made since the advice was given

David is very focussed and he has vision. Ryan is now forward planning and looking at where he wants to be in 2/3 years time. David really  challenged, pushed and questioned Ryan.


AFP did not make an acquisition in 2019 but is better prepared on many fronts based on the advice from David. 2020 is looking promising.


Connect Yorkshire

March 2020