Case Studies

The Company

Alpha Card was founded in 2010 by Ian Whitfield; its business is the production and sale of Z cards and other related promotional material. For the first few years its customers were all UK based but in the last few years it has grown overseas especially in Germany, Spain, France and the USA and has multilingual websites


The Issue

The company had grown rapidly adding IT systems as they became necessary so had manufacturing, sales, CRM, financial systems etc.It now outsources its manufacturing so a new system had been created for that.


The Advice

Ian asked for Neil Warnock for his Springboard mentoring session. Neil has created and built 3 IT companies and is still running Bluesmith Information Systems. The Springboard session started in March 2016 and as you will gather from the testimonial below went on for several months. Neil examined what was needed for the business in its current form and with Ian wrote an Invitation to Tender to build a whole new system. Neil helped the company reduce the tenders to a shortlist of 3 and helped select the eventual winner


The Result

A fit for purpose new IT system has been created which will transform the business as it develops and grows.

In the year to March 2017 turnover went up to £1m from £700k in the year ended in March 2016 and this current year is on target to hit £1.3m; roughly doubling sales over 24 months



I found Neil to be excellent. He quickly understood the nature of our business and the specific area I was l keen for him to help us with . Subsequent to the meeting he has followed up and we are due to meet again soon. It’s taken me a long time to take advantage of this service but it’s been worth the wait so far.


November 2017