Case Studies

The Company

Aquatrust Water and Ventilation Ltd is a 16 year old water treatment firm, founded in 2003 by Managing Director, Gary Russell.


The Issues

How to grow the Aquatrust portfolio. By March 2018 Aquatrust had achieved sales of approx £1.2m with 25 staff but had hit a plateau and wondered if there were different ways to continue their growth.


The EIRs

Paul Kenny, their General Manager, attended a Masterclass in 2018 given by one of Connect Yorkshire’s Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs), Mike Bridge, on the subject of “Value Propositions” and another early in 2019 given by EIR, Rana Harvey.

Mike Bridge led a discussion of the Aquatrust Sales team in August 2018 and Paul had a conversation with Rana Harvey after the Connect Yorkshire Summit in November 2017.


Springboard advice given

Mike Bridge got the team thinking from a different angle ie. What marks Aquatrust out as different/better than anyone else in our sector? What is Aquatrusts Value Proposition? (as we are definitely not the cheapest in the market place.)

At the next sales meeting, “inspired” by the discussion with Mike, Aquatrust came to the realisation that great service is what sets them apart from nearly everyone else in their sector. There are a variety of aspects of great service such as pre-booking service visits and the same engineer turning up every time.

Aquatrust also supply a wide range of products for the water industry and are one of the few water treatment companies who can deal with all customer needs and recommendations in this sector.

Aquatrust are striving to be at the forefront in the use of technology and thinking about sustainability (for example, customers results are gathered and held electronically as opposed to traditional paper based, log book monitoring). The database also allows customers to have an audit trail on how they dealt with non-conformities and update status for compliance.

During Paul’s discussion with Rana Harvey, it was suggested that Aquatrust may benefit from the use of Google advertising as a way of increasing new business.


Changes made since the advice was given

Aquatrust looked at this via their marketing department, came up with key searchable phrases and implemented a marketing spend based upon this.

New business leads have increased based against a relatively low spend (approximately 20 new business leads per month based against a spend of £500).



In the financial year to 31st March 2018 sales were £1.2m with 25 staff, in the year to 31st March 2019 sales were £1.4m with 31 staff and are forecast to reach £1.6 m to March 2020 (A nearly 40% increase over 3 years).


Connect Yorkshire

June 2019