Case Studies

The Company

Glass Onion Vintage Limited was founded by John Hickling in 2006 and is a wholesaler of vintage clothing.

The Issues

I first met John Graham for my Connect Yorkshire Springboard mentoring session in Spring 2015. My business Glass Onion Vintage Limited was achieving sales with a team of 16 people. To achieve these sales I was working excessive hours with very little sleep. I had a vision for my company but it was firmly rooted in my mind and not in the minds of my team. Our core issues at this time were that we did not have a plan, we did not have a clear structure, nobody in the business was accountable for their contribution, my delegation was well below par (hence the excessive hours), I wasn’t leading the business. It became apparent that I was spending very little time on the “big picture”. If I had not changed my behaviours, then I believe I would still be in the same position today.

Springboard advice given

I cannot speak highly enough of John Graham. His guidance and support has been invaluable to my personal development as the leader of Glass Onion Vintage Ltd and as an entrepreneur.

John gave me practical advice on the issues I had using his experience and passion for business. I find John’s generosity to be very inspiring and very helpful, he gives me days of his time unconditionally. I feel very privileged and lucky to have be given this opportunity.

John has helped me think about my business in a completely different way, he has helped by lifting me out of the “day to day” and focus on the critical, high value activities that have allowed our business to grow, create employment and profit.

Progress since the advice was given

By the end of 2017 we will have nearly doubled our turnover since Spring 2015  and will be employing 33 people. I am confident that the lessons and advice I have taken from John Graham will allow myself and my team to achieve greater growth and create further employment over the next few years.