Case Studies

The Company

Intelligent Facility Solutions (IFS) Ltd, whose main business is the sale of hand dryers, was founded in 2012 by Andrew Cameron who remains the owner and CEO. Its business is based at the  Electric Works, Sheffield  S1 2BJ

The Issues

Andrew was doing everything from selling the hand dryers, to keeping customers happy , to sourcing supplies, to organising deliveries etc, The main issue was how to increase efficiency and reduce the stress Andrew was under. The Springboard session came at a time when IFS was considering recruiting a high powered technical sales person to lead business development.

Springboard advice given

Andrew had a Springboard mentoring session with Paul Rose in  July 2015.

The advice was that Andrew, as the owner, should lead/be the sales effort and delegate all the other functions to other members of staff and that they should not recruit the new person. At the time the turnover was approx £500k with 4 members of staff.

Progress since the advice was given

IFS restructured its staff during 2015/16 with Andrew delegating more jobs to other members of his team. The result was two dramatic changes. Andrew became less stressed and his work/life balance improved. And IFS became more ambitious and pro-active in particular to sell overseas. Andrew, with help from UKTI, has been to Australia and is setting up a “partner” there

Since the advice from Paul Rose the turnover has doubled to approx £1m, our gross margin has increased by 10% and IFS now employs 6 staff.