Case Studies

The Company

Splitpixel Creative Limited is a digital marketing agency that specialises in creative technical solutions. Splitpixel is based in Huddersfield and is jointly owned by Charlie Herke and Greg Smuk.

The Issues

We wanted to improve the efficiency and motivation of the team and to get the team to think about what we’re doing as a business.

Springboard advice given

We met Simon Biltcliffe in Spring 2016 and we had a very creative and rewarding session with Simon. Since then we have improved the basic environment with new desks, new decor etc. We had 3 workshops with the team – there were 8 in the team at the time – and introduced a Profit Sharing Scheme. We have felt a culture change with much more commitment and enthusiasm from the team. We have achieved exactly what we wanted from our Springboard session.

Progress since the advice was given

Between 2015 and 2016 we had a 20% increase in turnover and now have 11 team members. We are targeting a 40% increase in turnover in 2017/18. The advice from Simon has had a great impact.