Case Studies

The Company

Steel City Marketing was founded in 1980 and supplies branded merchandise. It has clients throughout the UK. James Biggin is the MD and has been a member of Connect Yorkshire since 2014.


The Issue

Following the recession Steel City had made some big changes and reduced its overheads by one third. This strengthened the company but James had so many thoughts and ideas running round his head including whether to spend money on refurbishing the rented premises they then occupied or to buy premises and move.


The Advice

Simon Biltcliffe went to see James in 2015 and helped James to bring things into perspective. He was straight talking, a big personality and his company, Webmart, is connected to Steel City’s industry.

His clear view was that they should not waste money on rented property and although a huge commitment both in money and time, they should buy new premises and move the business there


The Result

Steel City bought a building, created offices in it and moved premises and James Biggin felt more confident.

The company has increased its headcount from 7 to 10 and turnover has increased from £1.5m to £1.7m. The company recruited a sales manager which has had a massive impact.


Second Advice

James heard Mike Bridge delivering a Connect Yorkshire Masterclass on Value Propositions and Mike visited Steel City in 2016.

Mike talked to all the staff and discussed the value proposition of Steel City. It was very useful to get Mike’s views and confirmation of their value proposition. This focussed on the fact that their value proposition was “ Our people are the brand”


The Result

The team had a clearer view of the company’s value proposition which has helped drive the business forward.

Connect Yorkshire

November 2017