Case Studies

The Company:

U-Telecom Ltd now T/A Wayv. Talk and Broadband for Business. Liam Parnell is the member

The Issues:

How to gain a competitive edge- stand out from the crowd

As a new business in telecoms, what common pitfalls should we avoid.


Kevin Walsh

Mentoring advice given:

What was the best piece of advice you were given?:

The feedback on our branding and marketing material did not reflect where we wanted to position our business in the market.

What did you do when you returned back to your business?:

What changes have you made since the mentoring session?:

What have been the benefits to your business of this mentoring session?

The most valuable thing we have done is that we now implement strategy based purely around adding value to our customer, rather than looking at what our competition are doing- Value Innovation. We have absolute confidence in what our target market is and put our complete focus on those and those solely.

What growth has the business seen?:

Our re-brand launched in March 2020, just as unfortunately Covid-19 kicked in. Despite this we have had 2 record breaking sales months in a time  when businesses are finding decision making difficult. Our new added value offering, which included enabling businesses with the ability to make and receive desk calls from the home or on the move came at a great time. Our focus on customer value, has seen our sales increase by around 20% in 2020. However, I expect this to grow to well over 100% once the culture we are trying to create is fully embedded, businesses are able to return to more normal circumstances when our target market be able to distinguish us from our competition, and trust that they are in safe hands.


October 2020