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Our September 2019 Masterclass in Leeds was on the subject of how a Customer Relationship Management System can fit into, and benefit your business. It was a panel event consisting of Neil Ewin, one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence and a non exec Director of Connect Yorkshire, Mark Pullar Founder and MD of All My Systems and Anna Assassa Founder and CEO of Tisski.

Do you need one? What can it achieve for you

Its aim is to help you manage your relationship with your customers and potential customers. It is vital that its use is encouraged by the very top management, who preferably should use it themselves.

Its introduction, and each subsequent improvement, should be done in small steps, getting buy-in from all members of staff. Your annual business plan should include spending on improving your CRM system and on training your staff in its use.

Targets are vital to all businesses, so your CRM system must enable you to identify progress against targets quickly and easily. Data accuracy is vital, which means it must be used by all members of staff.

Integration with other systems

“Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of the main business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology”. You can buy integration systems fairly cheaply, but you should get an expert to install it, and there are security implications for a fully integrated system.

Backup your data! How does your cloud based systems provide back up?

Selling your business 

Having a good system helps on a sale of a business. A buyer and/or an investor, or even a lender, will do due diligence on your systems.


Nick Butler