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Our Masterclass in Leeds last week covered that all important subject of Customer Retention. It was a panel format with Mike Bridge, one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence and Jonathan Betts of Science Warehouse a long standing member of Connect Yorkshire. There were many stimulating questions from the audience.


A couple of years ago Mike Bridge delivered a Masterclass on his own about Customer Retention so it is a subject about which he is passionate.

Retaining customers is not the job of sales people nor of customer relations people BUT OF THE WHOLE COMPANY.

The customer must believe there is more to come

Ask customers what more we can do for them, ask them what is the one thing we could do for you which would help your business.

Deliver flawlessly – deliver the exact product or service ordered on time all the time.

And try to take cost out of the customers business.

Important Customers

Multi-level engagement is vital so if one person leaves you have other contacts. Speak to people across the company to find out what they need, the top person doesn’t know all the problems.

Face to face contact is still important. Regular quarterly meetings show you really care.


Losing a customer is dispiriting and costly; it costs more to get a new customer than almost any amount of effort at retaining a customer. Try to follow the above points


Nick Butler