Edward Ziff

Town Centre Securities PLC is arguably Yorkshire’s most successful property company. It owns the Merrion Centre in Leeds and 70 other commercial properties which are located in most of the major cities in the UK. The Company was founded in 1959 by Edward’s father Arnold Ziff who was Chairman until his death in 2004. The Company floated on the Stock Exchange in 1960 and its shares have seen a steady increase in value since then. Since Edward became the CEO in 2001, the property portfolio has continued to grow in value as has the share price. £1000 invested in the Company in 1969 would have been worth £562,000 by 1st October 2014 and worth £645,000 by 1st February 2016. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Edward carried out a major restructuring of the property portfolio disposing of smaller properties and purchasing larger ones including car parks.