Jacqui Hall

Jacqui Hall is MD of CNG Ltd, the UK’s leading independent supplier of commercial gas and one which is striving to offer a very real and viable alternative to the Big Six.

Jacqui was brought in to CNG as Office Manager and quickly took it upon herself to learn about the complexities of supply and transportation. Through ‘on the job’ learning she progressed through the ranks and has been a director since 2002.

In 2011 Jacqui – along with Directors Chris England and Tim Jones – announced completion of the first stage of a CNG MBO. The final stage was completed in 2013 and marked the continued growth of the brand in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The multi-award winning business has created waves locally, regionally and nationally by offering a portfolio of services to commercial customers, predominantly in the SME market. Jacqui is immensely proud of CNG’s Harrogate roots and the team is regularly found leading the way with charity initiatives and team or event sponsorships. The business has continued to expand its HQ, but has every intention of remaining in Harrogate to celebrate the region’s diverse and exciting opportunities for business.

CNG is now focused on offering a real alternative and continues to differentiate itself by offering a superior level of customer service whilst educating customers about their energy usage, giving them a service they both want and deserve. This transparency is part of CNG’s Power Up strategy, giving power back to energy customers.