Jeremy Shulman

Jeremy founded his solicitors commercial practice, Shulmans, in 1981 and after 4 years as a sole practitioner took his first partner. By the time of his retirement from Shulmans in March 2018 turnover was in excess of £16m, with 25 partners and 220 colleagues.

As in every business there were ups and downs. After the 2008 financial crash Shulmans had to cut hard, but the firm took the opportunity to scrutinise its business model and has since gone from strength and is now one of the leading corporate law firms in the region.

One of the many ingredients which contributed to this success is the firm’s international standing. Jeremy took charge of Interlegal, the international network of which Shulmans is a member, growing its size and value for the now global coverage its members provide services to each other and on a wider basis.

Jeremy is a well known figure on the Yorkshire stage and relishes the opportunity to help others achieve success.