Michael Bridge

Michael is the owner of WarmFuture Ltd, a Yorkshire based business focused on delivering heating solutions to its customers, saving them money while helping the environment. The business achieved sales in excess of £5 million within 24 months from startup

He is an investor in two businesses.

Michael has conducted over 25 one to one mentoring sessions to our members, all receiving very positive feedback, if you are looking for a one to one mentoring session with Michael, his passion is in the customer area which is where we start the profitable growth journey, acquisitions, safety, purchasing and people development are also areas of focus.

His expertise is working with a business focused on its Customer Journey, (Retention and Growth) recommending (or implementing) a cultural change. The objective being to build a profitable growth plan using a Value Leadership programme that he developed and successfully used many times.

Michael has a Degree in International Business gained at the University of South Carolina.

Michael believes that the same business strategies are applicable to all sizes of business big or small.

He runs Value Leadership workshops with business owners and senior management teams.

Having spent 15 years with Lyons working his way through the sales organisation to the position of National Account Manager, he was then head hunted by Sara Lee Bakery to build a retail business alongside their successful food service business worth £4.5 million. From virtually nothing he built the retail business to a profitable £45 million per annum in a five-year period where he put in the support structure for a dynamic growing business.  He then went on to work for twenty years with a $5 billion US corporation operating globally where he ran Sales & Marketing in Europe, Middle East and Africa, had general management experience with P&L responsibility on several projects and also led and closed a European acquisition and participated in the integration of several others.




Here are a couple of responses from Springboard meetings done recently with members:

Paul Kenny – Aquatrust Water & Ventilation Ltd

I approached Mike Bridge at a recent Connect Yorkshire event and asked if he could provide a springboard session for our sales team; which I more than welcomed. Obviously his previous experience carries a bit of weight and the presentation he carried out definitely hit home with our sales team.

We have subsequently changed our sales focus to think more about our “value proposition”, as positioned by Mike and we will be discussing this in future sales meetings and putting into practice in our day to day interactions with customers. I’ll let you know the outcomes of this as we move forward.

Many thanks to Mike and the team at Connect Yorkshire for allowing us his time and experience. I’d definitely recommend this to other members.

Richard Carr – Voltacompliance

I met with Michael Bridge for a one to one mentoring session. Michael came thoroughly prepared and I immediately felt at ease talking to him openly about my business. He challenged me giving me an outsiders view of my company. The result of the session was that I felt passionate about implementing some new strategy into my business, both immediately and long term. It felt like I knew him and the conversation flowed, was relevant and practical. Michael researched my business and came with a plan, asked me what I wanted from the situation and offered me valuable insight in how to achieve my goals and aspirations for the future.