Stephen O'Brien

Stephen came from a very tough and chaotic background in Bradford, endured some early upset in his life losing both his parents in his teens. Despite all of this, came a drive and determination to make good of himself, he believed more was possible.

First job straight out of school at sixteen was selling carpets. Energised by the buzz of selling, moved onto an organisation in Bradford called ISA – a young, dynamic, fun environment.

Stephen started in the new business team selling fax and telex rolls, thrived, progressing pretty swiftly through the ranks. Seven years in, and with a passion to get better, earn more money, build a future, Stephen joined a ‘start-up’ business – QC Supplies Limited, selling computer supplies, building a team. Employee number one (Sales Director) – when he left that business seven years later, it had a revenue of £15m, employing more than 130 people.

In 1999, Stephen was headhunted by a French organisation who were looking to get a footprint in the UK. Stephen took on the challenge and grew this start up business from zero to £9m over the 5 years he was there. Slight blip in career choice between 2004 and 2007, but many lessons learned…then came Pure Data Solutions Limited.

Set up by Stephen in May 2007 – now a £30m+ technology business with 3 business units throughout the UK, employing over 135 people. Mainly organic growth, with 2 acquisitions supporting. Goal is to be at £50m by May 2021.