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Nothing is more important than sales, that came through loud and clear from our Masterclass last Thursday.

A distinguished panel of Entrepreneurs in Residence all either still selling or with a sales background.

From left to right: Nick Butler, Martin Port, Russell Manning and David Marx

Russell Manning has founded 2 estate agents the current one being Manning Stainton. Martin Port is also on his second company having been involved with Masternaut before starting BigChange Apps which he has got to sales of £7m in 4 years. And David Marx jointly founded Giles Foods which became a major food supplier to the big 4 supermarkets.


Find your USP – a USP is vital. Talk to your customers/ suppliers etc.

Make sure your sales people find out what a customer needs first and foremost. At Giles Foods new sales people went on a 4 month training routine.

Have a 5 year plan of engagement with a target customer. Aim high with the MD/Owner, or whoever is the decision maker.

Organise an independent customer surgery covering points such as why did you need us, and what benefit do you get.

Customer service is key as they can bring in referrals.

Account Management

Once a new sale has signed up, make sure everything is implemented correctly so the relationship starts off on a good basis.

David Marx had an amazing account manager who looked after the customers while others went out selling. Set out goals for account management i.e customer retention rates.

Corporate Social Responsibility helps with your company’s image and enables you to stand out from the crowd, and will make you more attractive to work for.

Innovation is key

To retain customers it is vital to continually have new products or improved services.


Nick Butler