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Every quarter we hold a Round Table event with our Partner BigChange usually at their premises. The Round Table on 4th December 2018 was attended by 14 including the following members of Connect Yorkshire; Alistair Griffin from The Works Recruitment, Philip Stead from LGP Print, Dave Cockerham ixRM Ltd, Chris Hopwood from Garbutt+Elliott, Matthew Greenwood and Sophie Price from Unity Group and Adam Hindson from Acumen Waste.

The Questions

Should the CEO be responsible for road safety?

At the end of the day however many electronic systems you have tracking the movements of your vehicles, it is the driver that makes the mistakes. So his/her training is vital. And like it or not the Directors are responsible. Over 20% of all road accidents involve someone driving for work. CEOs should promote safe driving at work and practice what they preach.

Reward the best drivers and fine the worst and help them to improve. Use the data from telematics to monitor and improve them; if you don’t you as CEO could be punished.

57% of accidents occur because of mental health issues.

Good eyesight is a major problem but it is always the driver not the company that contacts the optician.


Help Available

Many companies now have Mental Health First Aiders as well as the normal First Aiders

Acumen Waste are offering a talk for our members on Behavioural Safety.

Good managers spend 15 mins per week with each employee discussing H&S issues and their road safety.


General points made

It is a struggle to keep up with H&S issues.

The attitude of most drivers is difficult to manage.

Social media and texts are all increasing with even more danger for drivers than phone calls.


Nick Butler