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The Connect Yorkshire model has 3 parts. Our 79 Entrepreneurs in Residence, our 240 members and 1 solicitor, accountant, bank, recruiter, investment adviser and insurer who are Partners.

We had 2 talks from Partners this week and I am going to discuss the one by Craig Burton of The Works our recruitment Partner in our Leeds group. We held it at Duke Studios which we were told is the 10th most popular place to work in the UK! It was all about recruitment- What has changed, Interviewing tips – and spotting the Top from the Bottom Performers.

What has Changed

The reason people work for anyone has changed quite dramatically over the last few years and anyone recruiting should take it seriously. It has to be a great place to work; the money is important of course but try to make sure that the 80/20 rule applies, 20% rubbish days and 80% good days.

What are the unique characteristics of your business that help make it a great place to work.

Interviewing Tips

Questions you could ask in an interview:

  1. Could you tell me something you have taught yourself in the last six months. How did you go about teaching yourself this new skill or idea and what was the result?
  2. Ask what questions they have for you.
  3. Could you tell me something or the last thing you really geeked out about?
    It doesn’t have to be work-related—in fact, it may be better if it’s not.
  4. Could you tell me what personal or career ambitions do you have?
  5. Many of the management and higher level roles with curiosity require a Degree in Business or similar. Please walk me through your post-secondary education.
  6. When was the last time you made a suggestion for workplace improvement and what was the outcome? – how did you feel about this?

Steer Clear of:

Tell me about yourself
What are your strengths
What are your weaknesses
Don’t ask hypothetical questions – You get hypothetical answers!

Undifferentiating questions:

What Flavour Crisps?
What’s the last book you read?
What’s your favourite flag?!

Top Performers:

Spring in their step
Smiley people
Have role related knowledge

Bottom Performers:

Nobody has shown me how to do it
In my current/last job the training and development was useless
Jealous of other’s salaries
They have a couple of good months and ask for a pay rise
Take short cuts to swerve bad news
Would you be pleased/relieved if X came and handed in their notice – get rid sharpish if you would.