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Our October Training Session was delivered by Minoti Parikh of TPL Experience, a member of Connect Yorkshire. Minoti used to work with global organisations mainly on their strategy before setting up her own consultancy TPL Experience. 


Minoti hopes to create space to think about what would be best for our team and engaging people. The world has changed and we need to concentrate on 3 things:

Well-being and Productivity

People are the biggest asset of any organisation. Talk to them about your passions for say 2 minutes. Always have a two-way conversation, what does the other person feel? There is a strong connection between well-being and being productive. In the hybrid environment, has there been a change to what you have delivered?

What do employees expect out of their workplace? Upskilling is vital in the hybrid world and listening to their feedback about the training.

Reframing is turning a problem on its head and coming up with a new solution.


Keep everyone involved in the changes you are planning. Ask them what they have understood about the new idea, and give the team responsibility to organise some part of the new project. 

Value feedback and tell the team what you did with their feedback. Make sure a review is part of your strategy. 


What will you reflect on out of today? Make a note of everything you want to take away with you.


Nick Butler