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Our March 2021 online Masterclass was a panel event on the subject of Driving Revenue, a subject dear to all our hearts. There were 2 headings Marketing and Customer Service.

The Panel

The panel was chaired by Phil Harris from our Wealth Management Partner Brown Shipley and included two Entrepreneurs in Residence Rachel Hannan and Simon Gray from Boost Drinks together with a member of Connect Yorkshire, Mark Bower from Woven Agency.

After the panel introduced themselves, the first subject was Marketing:

What makes a good marketing plan?

First of all you must know and understand your customer so well the product will sell itself. Is there a need for this? Dig really deep into the targets business before doing a marketing plan.

Simon Gray

What does the business need/the shopper want? How are you selling this to your sector? Boost Drinks sells to wholesalers, but need to tick the boxes of wholesalers, retailers and consumers. Don’t fall in love with your own idea.

Rachel Hannan

Try to engage the person who wants to buy your product/service. Tell them how you can help them, illustrate how you can help them. How are you going to convert the sale?

Mark Bower

Mark uses hubspot inbound marketing, the problem is the middle part of the funnell. After sale is very important, you can get great wins from existing customers, selling additional products/services to existing customers is better than to new customers. All our team are brand sellers.

Simon Gray

Does all your team really know what you do? It’s taken 20 years to craft our ‘Why’ to energise everybody. 

Rachel Hannan 

You must have a simple message that cuts through to the end customer.

Customer Service


Is the product/service as good as it should be? As we all want our customers to keep coming back and back.

Get yourself and your brand out there, and keep at it!

Delivering what you’ve sold is vital. Meet the Buyer is a great prospecting toolbox, what is your ROI?


Nick Butler