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This training seminar was organised in late October by our Partner Hendersons Insurance at the premises of our member Paula Chamberlain at The Crescent. Hendersons decided not to go the usual route and give the attendees a talk about insurance, but instead organised Kevin Sinfield to do an inspiring talk on Leadership.


Kevin Sinfield, MBE is the Director of Rugby for the Leeds Rhinos in the Super League. Kevin played his entire professional career with Leeds and is one of the most successful players in Super League history, having captained the team to seven Super League championships and two Challenge Cup successes. He holds records as the highest points scorer in Super League history, the third highest points scorer in British rugby league history, and Leeds’ record points scorer. Kevin is also the only captain to have led a team to win three consecutive Super League titles.

So Kevin was highly qualified to talk about Leadership.

The 9 Lessons


You often have a choice between an easy path and a tough one – always take the tough one as it usually brings better rewards.

Hard Work

Could you work smarter? – not more or less just more efficiently.


Kevin lost 5 Challenge Cup finals as captain but won the 6th. It’s all about learning from past experience.

Self Discipline

Do you behave the same at work as at home?

The Leader

Do you make sacrifices? Do you care for your employees? Are you humble and open and honest about everything? Do you hire people who are better than yourself? Always aim for the best possible result.

Mental Toughness

Either hide from responsibility or face it and deal with it.


No matter how bad things are, there is always somebody worse off than you.


When you enjoy something you put more into it. The more you put into it the more you enjoy it.


Make the best of yourself and of what talents you have.


Nick Butler