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Our Masterclass at the Holiday Inn Victoria in Sheffield yesterday was delivered by Rich Field OBE of Field Enterprises.

I’ve known Rich for over 30 years and it was as an inspirational leader that I met him; he led the parents at Queen Margarets near York in a buyout from the Woodard Foundation, and what a success that school has been.

The Masterclass subject was leadership but Rich covered a variety of subjects under that broad heading.

Leadership Qualities

As with most of Rich’s talk there were short, sharp points and not much narrative. This came near the end of the talk but for me was a great summary of what a business leader needs:

Clarity of Purpose – What is the mission and is everyone absolutely clear about it

Integrity – This is more than honesty although it of course includes honesty, sincerity, truthfulness and trustworthiness

Competence – You must be good at providing the service or products you are selling to your customers

Consideration/courage – Have the courage to show consideration for people’s failures

Be there and Listen.


Tell the meeting what you each expect to get out of the meeting, and it’s your responsibility to get it. At the end summarise how much you have achieved.

Rich handed out business style cards with the following points:

  1. Agree the Chair, Scribe, timekeeper
  2. Discussion
  3. Process
  4. Summarise regularly
  5. Yellow Card if off subject
  6. Write up actions
  7. Check with 2 above
  8. Review

Effective Chair Behaviours

Win-Win Agreements

Best used with customers and should cover the following:

  1. What is the desired outcome for each party that can be measured.
  2. What guidelines apply to the relationship eg immediate responses.
  3. What is the timescale for the agreement.
  4. What resources are needed to fulfil the agreement.
  5. What are the consequences of completing the agreement.

Go through this with each of your clients.

Roll of a Team

There are 4 elements of a good team:

  1. Policy Setting – Vision, culture, values
  2. Strategic – Direction and resources
  3. Accountability – Stakeholders
  4. Monitoring – Usually money


Nick Butler 25/05/18