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Connect Yorkshire Partner, Sally Roberts of Fun Training for Results, gave a fascinating and amusing talk this morning about how to use Zoom better, on guess what, Zoom.

It was great and Sally got lots of us laughing at 8am, amazing. I will try to summarise the most important points.

Zoom is here to stay so learn how to use it. Zoom is very successful because it’s free for 40 minutes and easy to use. And saves you doing the miles. You can learn the basics by free videos available on Zoom.

First Impressions

It takes 3 seconds to make a virtual impression, we keep going because we keep looking at the face.

Five important things to remember:

Smile – The minute you smile you are more popular. Voice tone, Serotonin can make people feel more comfortable and that you are competent.


Body language and dress


Be on time


Other Important Points

Optimists sell 37% more.

Zoom breakout rooms are good but you must follow up any contacts you make.

On full screen, click on the 3 blobs at the top right of the screen, rename and put your name and company in.

Chat carefully as it goes to everyone. Your physical background reflects you, so get it right.


A great event. Lesson – attend more Connect Yorkshire events and learn more.


Nick Butler  15/07/20