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Our April Masterclass in Leeds brought together two of Yorkshire’s biggest successes Simon Gray of Boost Drinks and Julian Kynaston of Propaganda and Illamasqua. They started with a bit of history.

Boost Drinks

Simon worked for a drinks company, spotted a gap in the market with the thought that Red Bull,  Monster and other high energy drinks were very expensive and Boost Drinks now turns over approx £30m. They do not sell to the big 4 supermarkets but through smaller retail groups, convenience stores etc.

Propaganda and Illamasqua

About 10 years after he had started, Julian changed Propaganda from doing what most marketing companies do to a Strategic and Creative Brand Consultancy. And several years later created the Illamasqua cosmetic brand to challenge the mega brands such as L’Oreal and Este Lauder.

The Lessons Learnt

The brand of the company is the business of the company. Marketing is arriving at at a proposition that customers want to buy. Consistency of the use of the brand is vital. Does the idea have legs; using Brand Consultancies that are experienced in specific sectors is not necessary. In fact the opposite is probably the case as that will bring completely fresh ideas to the brand.

Should marketing spend by “fixed” say a % of turnover. No. It is an investment.

Which social media channel you use depends on whether your business is business to consumer (Facebook etc) or business to business LinkedIn. Twitter is good for both. Whats App can be used for b2b.

The Masterclass was one of the liveliest, most inter-active we have ever had. To get the best out of them you need to attend our Masterclasses in person so you can ask our Entrepreneurs in Residence about your own issues.