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A slightly different sales training event took place at Carrwood Park on Wednesday 29th November. It was delivered by our Sales Training Partner, durhamlane on the subject of understanding your own and your target’s personality traits. Alison Freer of durhamlane led the very interactive session.

What are you most like. What is your target customer most like

Fiery Red – competitive, demanding, determined, strong-willed and purposeful

Cool Blue – careful, precise,deliberate and formal

Sunshine Yellow – sociable, dynamic, intuitive, persuasive and general

Earth Green – caring, encouraging, sharing, patient and relaxed

Extraversion rapid speech, appears to think out loud, high word count both written and spoken, louder, physically expressive and needs high interaction to energise.

Introversion – minimise spoken words, pauses before answering or giving information, little body language, concise and needs to be alone to energise.

Signs of Extraversion in a Customer – request more face to face time, meetings scheduled for 60+minutes, phone calls between meetings, long email trails, frequent use of !!!!!

Signs of Introversion in a Customer – short, concise emails, request written outline before meeting, short meetings with few people.

Using all that

So having worked out what your target customer is most like from the characteristics set out above, you can begin to plan your approach. So if you think your target is Cool Blue with Introversion, short, sharp communications and meetings would be best.

Personalities under Pressure

What are the signs your target customer is under pressure

Fiery Red – dominant, arrogant, ruthless

Cool Blue – critical, pedantic, myopic

Sunshine Yellow – bored, disruptive, vague

Earth Green – over – accommodating, smothering, passive