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Connect Yorkshire members Pamela Hopkinson of Social Media Solutions and Ellan Campbell-Swann of Sixty7 PR Ltd, have teamed up to share their skills and expertise

How things have changed since just the middle of March. So many of us are left uncertain about what is going to happen with our businesses. After our long and hard slog building our empires, our futures hang in the balance – and its not something any of us could have prepared for.

But now, more than ever, marketing your business and keeping your brand awareness as high as possible is crucial. So, with budgets being more than a little stretched for most, if not all, of us, a small group of experts in marketing including PR, social media and SEO, is sharing their industry know-how in a free-to-join Facebook Group.

Pamela Hopkinson of social media training consultancy, Social Media Solutions; SEO expert Neil Maycock of Digital Impact Solutions, and PR & Marketing specialist Ellan Campbell-Swann of Sixty7 PR Ltd are combining their skills and expertise have launched 2020 Marketing; proactive guidance for businesses, helping entrepreneurs, businesses and marketeers to stay positive, maybe think differently and, ultimately, continue to build their brand awareness during the challenging months ahead. Membership of this online community is already over 300, with more new members joining every day.

Far from being another forum for selling, 2020 Marketing is a Facebook Group that offers a safe and collaborative space for individuals to share experiences, ideas and concerns, as well as ask for help and advice around Social Media, PR, Marketing and SEO. It provides an opportunity to stay on the radar, raise your business profile amongst the group, build friendships and make great connections by giving and supporting each other, as well as giving tips and hints on how to maintain your brand
position and not lose sight of the prize!

Ellan revealed that there will also be regular, live online panel discussions, saying “Now that face-to-face networking is not an option, we want to keep people communicating, so we want to give everyone the opportunity to log in, ask questions and get some practical advice and guidance. It can be lonely out there, especially if we’re all isolated, so let’s keep talking and supporting each other. After all, we’re all in the same boat.”

Their first live panel discussion, aptly called “The Same Boat’, is being held on Wednesday 25th March at 10am. To be involved, join the 2020 Marketing group on Facebook:


Ellan Campbell-Swann, Sixty7 PR Ltd – 07977 903684 or

Pamela Hopkinson, Social Media Solutions Ltd – 07758 232379 or