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Connect Yorkshire member Lewis Bowen, Managing Director at AIR, will be stepping in the ring to raise money in the fight against cancer

“On the 14th September, I am stepping into the ring for the fight of the year to raise money. We all know someone who has suffered at the hands of Cancer and it still remains a one of the worlds biggest challenges.

Over my lifetime, I have seen family and friends go through the almighty battle of conquering Cancer. Some winning and some losing. The thing they all had in common was their ability to fight regardless of what was stacked against them. That’s why I thought the only apt thing for me to take on was a Fight.

Being a lover and not a fighter, this seemed like a challenge most would pay to see! Most recently, in 2018, a dear friend Craig Law lost his battle to cancer. Never have I seen someone fight so hard in the face of adversity with a never ending positive view on life (beating Cancer when it first hit). Craig was treated at UCLH and the care was second to none. Not only was Craig treated there but he agreed to be part of a trial that had some uncertainties but had the potential to not only help Craig but many others. Craig will always be a hero. It’s in memory of Craig that I am raising money for UCHL – Haematology Cancer Care.

Thankyou for your support, Lewis”