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The MD of one of the UK’s leading contract manufacturers went back to the factory floor and took the next generation with him.

Martin Usher of Goole based Grotech Production Ltd invited the children of his existing staff to join for a factory tour as part of the firm’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

Passionate about manufacturing and developing new products from their inventors ideas to the on shelf final product he decided an insight into the world of work would be a fitting way to celebrate the landmark anniversary.

During the Friday afternoon visit the group of youngsters saw how products are developed in the factory labs, mixed in the vats and then packed for dispatch around the globe.

As a specialist contract manufacturer for agricultural, horticultural and auto sector products the youngsters got the chance to see how their parents manufacture new formulations that specifically boost plant growth.

They then got the chance to see the manufacturing process first hand and take it in turns to monitor the mixing machines and see product come off the factory line ready for packing and dispatching around the globe.

Drawing on local staff, MD Martin Usher, who bought the company in 2007 was keen that everyone would share the company’s celebration.

“We rely on our staff to get new products developed and manufactured then despatched for our customers,” he said.

“Sharing our celebration day seemed a good excuse to invite them in and hopefully inspire the next generation product formulators, mixers and packers,” he said.

It wasn’t all work for the potential young workforce. They celebrated the company’s 40th birthday with pizza and cake afterwards.