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Global soap base and speciality ingredients manufacturer and company of Connect Yorkshire EIR Jamie Bentley, Stephenson, is supporting cosmetic brands and manufacturers in their production of soap bars from its head office and manufacturing facility in Leeds.

Demand for its soap bases is building as the need for hygiene products intensifies across the world.

Sales and marketing director, James Clews, said: “The company is now experiencing a surge in client demand right across our range of soap bases, as handwashing increases around the globe and is certainly something we’re ready for.

“The sales process can carry a long latency, as with soap products, it can take several months to arrive at its destination.

“We’re certainly hearing lots of questions around capacity and are we ready to scale up when we need to.”

Stephenson launched its new soap free syndet called Syndopal® last year, with interest intensifying since the outbreak at the beginning of this year.

Stringent hand washing is seen as the first deterrent against the virus and to limit the further spread of the disease.

Stephenson has produced an online guide of how soap and washing hands is vital in tackling the spread of coronavirus. People can access it here.

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