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When Prime Minister Theresa May called for a sudden General Election back in April, claiming that “the country is coming together but Westminster is not,” many believed that this short, seven-week campaign would result in a resounding victory for the Conservative party.

However, as millions of people are set to cast their vote on Thursday, June 8th, the future Government of our nation doesn’t seem to be so clear-cut. Could Labour actually manage to pull off a shock result?

Nick Butler, CEO of Connect Yorkshire

How can the Conservative Party have made such a mess. They have the brains, money and experience but their mistakes already have cost the country dear-and in all likelihood will cost us even more

The Referendum – Firstly the Referendum itself was completely unnecessary. Cameron didn’t have the bottle to stand up to the 50 or so hardline Brexiteers amongst his backbenchers so he backed down

The NI Debacle – Then the Budget sought to impose NI on the self employed; a perfectly reasonable proposal but appallingly handled and they backed down

The Election – How many times did Theresa May say she was not going to have an election until 2020 then changed her mind-a kind of back down

Social Care Payment – And finally (so far) the plan to use people’s houses to fund their social care was dropped within a few days of the manifesto being published. They backed down under pressure again.

Brexit – That’s four times they have backed down when opposition appeared. How do you think they will do in response to a few Neins and Nons!!

From somebody who is a passionate supporter of business, it is a real worry that a hard Brexit will hurt the people that pay the taxes that keep the county going and if their conduct in the last few months is anything to go by we are facing a disaster

The Alternative – In case you are in any doubt after that rant, I won’t be voting for the party that thinks money grows on trees headed by a 1960’s leftie.

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