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Aiming to raise just £200 by running in the Race for Life, Kelly Clark, decided to ‘put wheels under’ her 11-year-old English Bull Terrier, Truey, and made £1,100 for Cancer Research UK!

Kelly who is Gripple’s learning and development manager, and also a world beating powerlifter, put Truey in a dog stroller and set off pushing a total of 50kg, drawing a lot of attention on the way.

“I rescued him at the age of five and he’s a typical English Bull Terrier, stubborn and a bit daft! Truey thoroughly enjoyed the ride and kept the medal – it’s definitely a dog’s life! I didn’t crash which was a bonus!”

In her first international competition, after taking up competitive powerlifting less than two years before, 55-year-old Kelly came 4th in her class in 2019 World Masters Powerlifting Championship in South Africa.