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Company of Connect Yorkshire EIR David Richards, WANdisco, the Silicon Valley and Sheffield-based data software company, has warned, “Businesses in all sectors will lose their social right to operate if they neglect their environmental responsibilities”, as it adopts the Betterworld.Solutions policy to prevent global warming.

The code of conduct, which was developed and launched by fellow South Yorkshire business AESSEAL, prompts the board to prioritise sustainable projects over other capital programmes with a similar return on investment. With Betterworld.Solutions aiming to show how climate friendly-projects can also be business-friendly.

It invites staff, suppliers and other stakeholders to submit proposals for sustainable projects for consideration by directors and aims to show how climate-friendly projects can also be business-friendly.

The policy states the following:

David Richards, founder and CEO of WANdisco and policy owner, said: “We are proud to have adopted the Betterworld.Solutions approach to prevent global warming.

“These simple steps can encourage companies to do the right thing for the environment and get a good return on investment.

“We Recognise the health of the planet is essential not just to business but to species survival and urge other companies to join up.

Chris Rea said managing director at AESSEAL who founded Betterworld.Solutions said: “We welcome this show of support from WANdisco and founder David Richards. If enough businesses act, together we can slow down or help to prevent global warming.”


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