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Chair of Leeds Community Foundation, Rachel Hannan, who is a Connect Yorkshire EIR, is calling on fellow business leaders and philanthropists to join her in generating £100,000+ for The Leeds Fund.

Their aim is to invest in enterprising community led projects that promote inclusion by (i) enhancing the employability skills of those further from the job market and (ii) helping to create jobs.

Leeds Community Foundation launched The Leeds Fund to bridge the gap between those in need and those with the ability to help. Working with individuals and private businesses (including John Lewis Leeds, Asda Foundation and HARIBO), The Leeds Fund distributes grants to community groups, enabling the sector to help solve the challenges we face as a city.

From 2019, The Leeds Fund’s strategic priority is Loneliness and Inclusion. With over 37,000 people in Leeds affected by loneliness and around 160,000 people living in neighbourhoods that are amongst the 10% most deprived in England, we are committed to supporting community based projects that build a happier, healthier and more connected city. Leeds Community Foundation has also pledged to support the city’s Inclusive Growth Strategy, ensuring everyone benefits from the city’s success. As part of this, we are striving to secure and manage programmes that encourage and support social enterprise.

Led by our Chair, The Leeds Fund Challenge has been seeded with a personal gift of £25,000:

“Leeds Community Foundation’s skill lies in uncovering and energising community action to bring about real and positive change for those in need. I’m proud that Leeds has such an inspirational and motivated Third Sector and I hope other business leaders and fellow philanthropists will join me and invest in helping to empower people to fully utilise their skills to build strong, well connected communities that continue to fuel our economy.”
Rachel Hannan, Chair of Leeds Community Foundation


To find out more, please see The Leeds Fund Challenge